Application Development

AI First
Our teams have a deep knowledge and expertise in data, AI and Machine Learning who will understand your needs and use our full capabilities to solve real business challenges.
Mobile Application Development
We offer native mobile development services for Android & IOS in Kotlin and Swift, along with cross platform applications using Flutter, React Native or MAUI to produce cross-platform apps that can be deployed on many devices and platforms to maximise reach. We offer development for feature phone platforms such as KaiOS, and wearables too.
We develop server side software in .NET, Java EE, Golang and Node.js, or server-less cloud back-ends using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions, backed by database technologies including MongoDB, Redis & SQL.
Quality Assurance Services
We provide a comprehensive range of QA services and software testing capabilities covering the entire software development lifecycle. Our professional services include Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Maintenance and Upgrades.
User Experience & User Interface Design
Memorable user experiences help achieve long-term success for your app, making the most out of available mobile and web platforms. From startups to large corporates, we deliver exceptional products that have high impact and drive business results. Working closely with you from the initial concept stage through development and beyond, we ensure that every detail reflects your brand and provides a compelling user experience.
Our experienced team will work alongside you to understand your requirements and identify opportunities. Whether it’s defining new features, improving existing ones or launching an entirely new product, we can provide consultancy support at all stages of the project lifecycle and help to prioritize tasks based on value to ensure maximum return on investment.
Porting & Desktop Applications
We offer porting services across iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web and any other major platform to optimise reach across your target audience.