How we can help you automate your processes

Automate repetitive digital tasks and innovate new processes that leverage the power of being able to carry out digital tasks on a scale previously unimaginable.

Workflow Automation
The most straightforward approach to process automation is centred around the idea of workflow automation, which involves using APIs to automate repetitive digital tasks. However, we understand that APIs are not always available and not all processes can be automated using standard workflow automation. That's why we also offer robotic process automation (RPA) services that use the user interface to automate processes that can't be automated through APIs.
Robotic Process Automation
Where workflow automation through APIs isn't possible, we can still help with Robotic Process Automation that automates interaction using the user interface in the same way a human user would. Tools such as Selenium can interact with a web browser entering text and navigating screens.
Intelligent RPA
Intelligent RPA is where Artificial Intelligence is used in conjunction with Robotic Process Automation. If your processes are primarily around popular enterprise software such as SAP we can help you choose from the wide ranging packages from Microsoft, IBM or others that are well tailored to that. For other processes we can also advise you on more bespoke options leveraging powerful Machine Learning models.