Chatbots and conversational solutions

While ChatGPT and other generative AI models have seen a lot of press recently and definitely have a role to play, the real key for the effectiveness of conversational technologies in a digital assistant or customer service role is natural language understanding. To enable computers to understand the instructions and wishes of humans communicating via natural language in a way that resembles human-to-human conversations.

Smart conversational assistants for internal use can enable your business to harness the power of conversational technology to maximize efficiency, automate processes and support human delivered customer service.

Chatbot solutions can enable better customer service, we are reaching an inflection point in this space where the maturity of the AI models and the increase in computational power are coming together to create truly practical solutions for customer service at scale across multiple languages, without the costs of outsourcing that service to a call centre.

We can work with you to design the chatbot's user interface, ensuring it is intuitive, engaging, and able to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems and platforms, so queries can be answered accurately, reliable information provided, and potentially initiating new sales opportunities or reducing friction from the customer journey.

Integrate Chatbots into Websites
We can integrate chatbots into your website(s) or provide you with JavaScript for your existing developers to integrate.
Implement Service Chatbots
We can implement a chatbot to provide a voice and/or text chat interface for your customers to access your products and services, be that placing an order or checking their account, with integration into your existing systems or APIs.
Integrate Chatbots into Apps
We can integrate chatbots into your mobile apps, be they developed natively, or developed using cross platform tech such as Flutter, React Native or Xamarin. Alternatively we can provide you with SDKs so your existing developers can integrate.
Implement Chatbots for Call Handling
As an alternative to calls going directly to 3rd party call centres, we can implement a chatbot using natural language understanding and speech recognition to handle inbound calls and manage a conversation while maintaining context, handing over to a human operator only when necessary.

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