Blue Beck develop AI first applications and solutions, working in partnership with our clients to ensure we find the right solution for their business needs. Our expertise in software is backed up by a track record of delivering successful projects for many leading companies and organisations, from crunching data for the derivatives traders at OSTC and for the World Poker Tour , to numerous apps for the Three UK and Smarty mobile networks, to AI powering non player characters in the Call of Duty and Spiderman video game franchises, Blue Beck has a rich history of projects . We help you to solve your impossible challenges with Deep Learning and Data Science, solving complex problems and delivering amazing results. Software development, AI and Machine Learning can sometimes look like magic when viewed from a high level, but we make things as clear and simple as possible.

We are technology agnostic and always select the best tools for each problem, our expertise includes

  • • Machine learning frameworks like PyTorch & Tensorflow.
  • • App frontend development natively in Swift and Kotlin or using cross platform technologies like Flutter or React Native.
  • • Server side development in .NET, Java EE, Golang and Node.js.
  • • Server-less cloud back-ends development using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions.
  • • Database technologies including MongoDB, Redis & SQL.
  • • Web frontend development.
  • • Quality assurance.
  • • The use of AI in Videogame Development.

AI and Machine Learning can create new value opportunities for your business by helping you to better understand your customers and their needs and how to serve them better. Increasingly, people are expecting a smooth and personalised experience across all channels and AI is an important tool to help deliver on this promise.

While much of the recent press around AI and Machine Learning has focussed on ChatGPT and other Large Language Models, they can be applied to a vast number of operations and processes within every business sector, imagine smart manufacturing machines which can automatically notify the correct engineer to a fault using advanced image recognition and natural language processing. a manufacturing business.

The application of data and AI is almost limitless and will evolve further as these technologies skyrocket to mainstream adoption and while AI might not be appropriate for every problem your business faces today it is essential to explore the new technologies and approaches that are being developed all the time in order to not fall behind the competition. AI and Machine Learning will change the way we work, live and play, it's no longer a question of whether this will happen but more a case of when.

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Our process

Concept validation

This stage is critical and sets the whole project up for success by properly validating the quality of the data and what can really be achieved with it.


Refine and automate

Improve on the previously built proof of concept to improve insights, along with packaging the solution into software you can deploy within your organisation and integrate with existing systems if required.


Production and support

We optimise and scale your ML deployment according to demand as it enters production. Ongoing support will evolve your machine learning models as you collect new data.